Daniel H.E. Dubin


Ph.D. Princeton, 1984

My principal area of research is theoretical plasma physics, and recently my investigations have centered on nonneutral plasmas (pure electron plasmas, pure ion plasmas, positron plasmas, etc.). These systems provide simple, theoretically tractable models for many of the phenomena associated with neutral plasmas, and also exhibit unique (and fascinating!) behavior in their own right. For example, there is international interest in the low-temperature behavior of these systems, in which liquid and even crystal states are predicted to occur. My studies of this interest ing many-body system employ techniques which are drawn from a range of disciplines including plasma physics, statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, computer simulation, and quantum mechanics.

Selected Publications:

F. Anderegg, C.F. Driscoll, D.H.E. Dubin, T.M. O'Neil, and F. Valentini, "Electron Acoustic Waves in Pure Ion Plasmas," Phys. Plasmas 16, 055705 (2009).

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For more information concernin g my research group and a complete list of publications, see the Nonneutral Plasma Group web page.